strategic advertising agency


Strategic understanding of the brands we serve shapes our creative ideas; ideas that ignite the creative, purpose-driven excellence of our work.

We are hands-on. The people you first meet are the people with whom you strategise and partner in the growth of your brand’s image and campaigns. No intermediaries.

Supported by highly talented art directors Chaz Williams, Gen Chorn and Peta Malan, as well as web designers, photographers, researchers and TV producers, We see CRT Create’s purpose as helping to create brands that tell stories, state points of view, cut through the clutter and involve people emotionally.

In short, brands that sell.

  • Chaz’s first job at Sea Harvest was in 2009, while he was doing work as an independent designer. Since then, Chaz, together with what is now his company CRT Create, have been producing consistently excellent work for our marketing department. This includes the majority of our branding needs below the line, as well as some excellent above the line work including our first television commercial since 2008 – and probably our best one to date. This partnership has allowed Sea Harvest to really develop a strong brand identity over the past few years, and in doing so maintain our position of market leader in the frozen category and become the 7th most iconic brand in South Africa according to the 2016/2017 Ask Afrika Icon Awards.

    Felix Ratheb – Sea Harvest CEO
  • Thanks for the great work of CRT create, Quorn took huge strides in the South African market by winning product of the year in the Vegetarian meals category in 2016. CRT created a marketing campaign that was adaptive to the SA market.

    Siraj Rajie – Findus Foods