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Without discounting the power of ‘gut feel’, we believe that business decisions, more often than not, should be objective rather subjective, i.e. based on evidence.  We partner with people who cater to the needs of clients looking for a cost effective and speedy way to acquire market research with a focus on quality. Our methods are continually evolving depending on how best we can answer client briefs, and can include other non-qualitative approaches to complement our offering.  Our research is best used for product, brand or campaign testing where human complexities and subtleties can be expressed and interpreted directly.


Focus Groups

Focus groups are a quick and effective way of understanding a representation of the attitudes and needs of your target market by listening to them interact around your desired interest within a group setting. Focus groups have an advantage over other types of research, in that researchers can capture subtle and complex human nuances which they would not be able to do via quantitative methods.   Focus groups can be used for a wide range of research, from brand testing, product perception and campaign effectiveness, to advertising effectiveness or just general attitude exploration.   Market Insites use experienced moderators to facilitate the focus groups, and will go to any means necessary to facilitate the group in a comfortable and relaxed setting. This allows respondents to be as open, honest and engaging as possible.  The analysis of the groups will always be conducted by one of our senior researchers. The objective is always to determine what the necessary business actions must be based on the feedback from these groups, and to recommend how the client should implement these actions.



Market research is often conducted to gain insight into business in order to influence strategy and implementation. A large aspect of the value of the research is being able to take this information and applying it to solutions in a business environment.   Market Insites provides marketing consultation services in addition to the consultation that supplements all market research. This consultation is conducted by looking at an analysis of the business situation and looking for improvements.


Product Testing

Product testing is an extension of the focus group, with physical samples of products and their competitors being evaluated by groups. These groups can test a wide variety of category of products, with the the most popular being food and beverage, appliances, electronics and more.  Consumer testing is a crucial part of the New Product Development process, and with small scale focus groups, this can become a quick and effective way to test new concepts before the product is too far down the line of full scale production. Consumer testing on a small scale should form a “gate” in at least 2 or 3 stages of the NPD process – during concept, sample/prototype, and pre-launch.   In addition to new products, existing products are also very important to test, in order to understand how the target market interacts with a product, and the stengths and weaknesses of existing products.


Creative Output

Qualitative Research is often inhibited as it does not adequately communicate the results of the research to the wider business.  Market Insites believes our differentiator is beautifully presented qualitative information. In order for marketers to be successful, they need to convince other decision makers in the business in order to roll out campaigns before they can convince consumers. This is why we offer videography of all focus group sessions – which can be cut and edited to create short, memorable clips of the most important notes of the qualitative data, and that can be used in presentations or as evidence for crucial decisions. These videos combine visually appealing infographics and graphs in order for the research to be easy communicable.

  • Thanks for the great work of CRT create, Quorn took huge strides in the South African market by winning product of the year in the Vegetarian meals category in 2016. CRT created a marketing campaign that was adaptive to the SA market.

    Siraj Rajie – Findus Foods
  • Chaz’s first job at Sea Harvest was in 2009, while he was doing work as an independent designer. Since then, Chaz, together with what is now his company CRT Create, have been producing consistently excellent work for our marketing department. This includes the majority of our branding needs below the line, as well as some excellent above the line work including our first television commercial since 2008 – and probably our best one to date. This partnership has allowed Sea Harvest to really develop a strong brand identity over the past few years, and in doing so maintain our position of market leader in the frozen category and become the 7th most iconic brand in South Africa according to the 2016/2017 Ask Afrika Icon Awards.

    Felix Ratheb – Sea Harvest CEO